A 20 week process of dieting, training and preparing to compete in a Fitness Competition

Watch the 'Making of a Fitness Competitor' series to discover how FitAlissa diets, exercises, and manages Type 1 Diabetes

Making of a Fitness Competitor
27 FEB

Making of a Fitness Competitor Episode 2


Join FitAlissa as she shows how she prepares meals while on her diet and training regimen to compete. When you’re on the go, you need to be efficient in preparing healthy meals for several days at a time, without sacrificing the healthiness of the meal – or the flavor! In this episode, FitAlissa shows how she prepares her meals, from weighing to flavoring to packing. Watch the video now and learn how a Fitness Competitor manages her meals so you can eat healthier. If FitAlissa can do it , so can you!

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